A turkey that’s quirky doesn’t want to be jerky.

In a hurry and worried, maybe it thinks “please don’t hurt me.”

A turkey that’s quirky…
doesn’t want to be jerky…
A turkey in a hurry…
A turkey worried…
maybe it thinks “please don’t hurt me.”

November 16 reminds me of Heather Wreckage;

compilations are part of this message.

This post relates to what she sent to me and what she made.

What Heather made is more than one mixtape.

The two mixtapes that she sent to me contain untoppable music.

How I perceive music: Heather Wreckage improved it

(because of what she shares on these two cassettes).

Opening lots of doors is one of their effects.

In this blog post are pictures of the two

(along with illustrations which she drew).

She gave them to me in 2014 and 2015.

Both are more than plenty uplifting.

The bands on them and their music challenged me and made me work harder for every song.

You can check out her work at http://www.heatherwreckage.blogspot.com .

This post is a continuation of


(Over there, there are closer pictures of a mixtape along with her message).

Mixtapes from Heather Wreckage to Z.F. Thrimej (including Ladyfest Mix 2014)
Mixtapes from Heather Wreckage to Z.F. Thrimej (featuring Side A)
Mixtapes from Heather Wreckage to Z.F. Thrimej (featuring Side B)
Mixtapes from Heather Wreckage to Z.F. Thrimej (featuring folded illustrations in their cases)

Shadow Ballerina returns and moves ready; she’s the result of a heart that’s heavy.

Not easily trusting the trendy (or even a bevy), she’s misunderstood as “cold” and “unfriendly”. Others don’t know she’s gone through shit worse than deathly. Recovering from backstabbings, she gets revenge and more eventually.

Shadow Ballerina returns
Shadow Ballerina moves ready
Shadow Ballerina is misunderstood as “cold” and “unfriendly”

Going to post more of my recent thoughts accompanied with pictures on this blog soon.

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