Plume Beakquill is ambivalent towards people

(after having gone through the unbelievable).

More grounded than an eagle, and scarred by many a weasel,

he doesn’t get his hopes up towards any sequel or prequel.

Plume Beakquill is ambivalent towards people (after having gone through the unbelievable).

Going to post more of my recent thoughts accompanied with pictures on this blog soon.

For anyone who’d like to know what else has been going on with me and/or my thoughts or observations or ideas (or weirdness)  (since it’s been months since I’ve posted anything on here), you can also check out or follow my primary/main blog: (where I tend to be more active and write more).

And for anyone who’s wondering why I’ve got this second When Deadlines Become Zombies blog, it’s because I ran out of space to post pictures over at .