A goose (who’s named Peruse) was introduced, moves like canoes (on a pond where it roosts).

Maybe this goose chooses to schmooze. This goose welcomes views (and is not a recluse, and does the opposite of vamoose). Morale is what Peruse: improves and boosts. Peruse has confidence, wings wavy cruise, and has no need for an excuse. And when there’s two goose: that’s deuce.

A goose who’s named Peruse…
a goose named Peruse was introduced
goose Peruse moves like canoes
goose Peruse on a pond where it roosts
Maybe this goose chooses to schmooze.
This goose welcomes views
This goose Peruse is not a recluse
This goose does the opposite of vamoose.
Morale is what Peruse: improves and boosts.
Peruse has confidence…
goose Peruse wings wavy cruise
goose Peruse has no need for excuse
And when there’s two goose; that’s deuce.

Spaceships got impersonated by rocks in a creek (resembling a sky with planet-nearing fleet).

Water with rocks do their impression (of spaceships by way of reflection).

Spaceships got impersonated by rocks in a creek (resembling a sky with planet-nearing fleet).
Water with rocks do their impression (of spaceships by way of reflection).

One of the most underrated poetry groups that has had its works published in a newspaper and recorded for a library’s poem of the month video series is the Peaceful Poets.

This group is based in Milpitas; hopefully people noticed.

The Milpitas Post and the Milpitas Library:

helped the group, making times more merry.

From May 2012 to February 2018:

I was proofreading for and moderating

the Peaceful Poets (with whom I shared my thoughts, poems, songs).

This group’s range of works and videos is at http://peacefulpoetsblog.wordpress.com .

One video (at http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-pqf1z35g9U ) features four of its members.

It’s one highlight of many that I still remember.

If you’d also like to watch and listen to me in this recording,

I (Z.F. Thrimej) am the second one on it performing

from the times 1:13 to 1:31.

Over half of this poem is already done.

Noteworthy is this group going beyond expectations;

it did more than stimulate and catalyze imaginations.

Love, loss, experiences, and ideas: this group writes about and meditates on.

Its members also vent about and confront what’s wrong.

Sometimes we felt messed with, dealt with the excessive.

We coped by being reflective, writing many a message

not only about what annoys, but also our joys and our stories.

This group inspired others to create and use your voice.

I hope these poets, the library, and the Post continue to encourage;

poetry, writing, and creativity are ways to heal, learn, and nourish.






Remembering the collaborations between the Peaceful Poets, the Milpitas Library, and the Milpitas Post

If you were in Milpitas, and if you had thoughts, feelings, experiences,  and/or ideas that you wanted to write about and share and/or if something wrong happened and you wanted others to listen to you and know about it, then the Milpitas-based group of writers the Peaceful Poets, the Milpitas Library (where the group meets, where its members were recorded for the Milpitas Poem of the Month video series, and where their works were promoted and could be found at) and the Milpitas Post (which published news about Peaceful Poets meetings and published 415 of my poems and hundreds of the rest of the group’s works before the Post‘s unfortunate changes (like downsizing/layoffs, reduced page count, its phasing out community features including poetry) in February of 2018) were there to listen to you, inspire you, and even share or publish what you wrote or what you had to say. That’s what these three did for me and for other members of the community.

As a longtime Peaceful Poets member who moved away from Milpitas (because of unaffordable housing), I’m still reminded of and grateful for the group, the library, the Post, their impact on me, and their support of my work.

After this blog post, I will be posting a poem that’s a shout-out to the Peaceful Poets, the Milpitas Library, and the Milpitas Post.

I hope to eventually post on this blog (or at my other blog http://zfthrimej.wordpress.com) more highlights/details about these collaborations and/or the results of these collaborations.